MA 5600 Water Conditioning System

  • Excellent Flow Rates:  Large internal porting delivers flow rates up to 13.8 gpm*.
  • Available with Reliable Mechanical Meter:  Meter monitors your water usage, initiating a regeneration only when necessary so you are assured of soft water and maximum salt savings.  Also available in 7 or 12 day timer.
  • Optional Low Water Use Piston:  Reduces regeneration water to as little as 29 gallons per regeneration (Raw water must be free of iron and sediment).
  • Quality Construction:  Non-corrosive materials are used to insure many years of reliable service.  High capacity resin beads are full and consistent in size, reducing pressure loss.

Available in Ivory, Blue, White, Black & Silver

In providing the many benefits described here, conditioned water from the M.A. 5600 saves you money!  Save on soaps, lotions, detergents, energy bills and costly appliance repairs.

For more information, call your water treatment professional today!

*Flow rates stated as general guideline only on largest recommended system.